Azores Airlines' second Airbus A320neo is already in Portugal

The airline carried out the first flight between Toulouse and Lisbon


Azores Airlines received the second Airbus A320neo unit (New Engine Option) after completing its first flight between Toulouse and Lisbon. The aircraft landed at Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon, around 12:30 pm (local time). The second Airbus A320neo is a part of the ongoing replacement process for the A320ceo models.

With state-of-the-art technology, the A320neo represents a significant leap in terms of operational efficiency and consequent reduction in environmental impact. Thanks to its latest generation engines (High-Bypass) and aerodynamic technology (Airbus Sharklets™ wings) the new Azores Airlines' A320neo will allow a reduction in fuel consumption of around 20%, a reduction in fuel and noise emissions, lower operating costs, and greater cargo capacity when compared to previous generation aircraft.

“It is always with great enthusiasm that we witness a moment like this, which represents a qualitative leap in the airline's operations. The arrival of a state-of-the-art aircraft reinforces our commitment to operational excellence and the environment. By adopting more efficient, more environmentally friendly equipment, with a more ergonomic and soundproofed cabin configuration, Azores Airlines is committed to providing exceptional experiences to passengers, without neglecting essential concerns regarding the efficiency and sustainability of airline operations”, states Teresa Gonçalves, CEO of SATA Group.

As the first unit received earlier this year, the Azores Airlines A320neo adopted a 168-seat configuration. Likewise, the cabin was customized with shades of blue, which are predominant in the SATA brand and can be found in the cabin's interior details. To make the environment even more welcoming, lighting and cabin sound schemes were carefully studied, inspired by the serenity of nature in the Azores Archipelago and seeking to provide a pleasant environment on board.

The new Azores Airlines aircraft, with registration number CS-TSM, will be part of the airline's planning, as soon as the necessary formalities are completed.


Airbus A320neo "Natural"