Irregularities when issuing Resident/Student fares

When there are any irregularities with the passenger's taxpayer number, or when there is no taxpayer number in the Endorsement Box, a notification is sent whenever SATA Air Açores’s fares (RD/SD) are issued.

Its regularization must take place within a minimum of 48 hours before departure or up to 10 days after issuance, depending on which comes first.


Irregularity reasons:

  • 1. Invalid taxpayer number: the number isn’t correct.
    What to do: Correct the information, validate, and reissue the ticket before the trip starts.
  • 2. Non-declared taxpayer number: nonexistent taxpayer number in the endorsement box.
    What to do: Add information, validate and reissue the ticket.
  • 3. Ineligible taxpayer number: the entered taxpayer number indicates that the passenger is not a resident in the Azores.
    What to do: Verificar se a tarifa permite residentes equiparados, adicionar as siglas AUTHRES e reemitir o bilhete, ou;
    Upgrade to the applicable fare, or;
    Refund the ticket according to the rule.
  • 4. Connection failure: it was not possible to validate on the platform.
    What to do: Process validation on the platform again, and reissue whenever necessary, considering the issue date with the validation date, or Collect other data/documents proving residence (EX: declaration of tax residence) and add AUTHRES in the endorsement box.




If the issuing agent fails to rectify irregularities, the passenger will be prevented from proceeding with his web check-in and may have additional payments.

Notifications will be sent to the email addresses in our database, so if you need to update yours, please email us at

If there are any documents to prove eligibility (according to the fare rule), the ID and taxpayer number must appear in the endorsement box, as well as AUTHRES. Documents must remain in the possession of the issuing agent.

If the irregularity is not fixed, the ticket is subject to ADM.